#1 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

15 05 2008

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time takes the top spot for the 5 best Nintendo 64 games. Ocarina of Time is quite possibly the greatest game of all time. Ocarina of Time is an epic action-adventure game that takes place in a world called Hyrule. Hyrule’s Princess Zelda has been kidnapped by the evil Ganondorf and you play Link, a 10-year-old Kokiri Village nobody, who rescues Zelda and saves Hyrule from destruction. Over the course of the game you learn that you are the Hero of Time and are destined to save the world of Hyrule.

Link discovers the Sword of Time that is set in a stone and when he pulls it out he is blasted into the future. 7 years to be exact and Link is all grown up. He is given the Ocarina of Time, a flute like object. Then he has to goto multiple dungeons in a variety of locations to rescue sages.

The gameplay has many innovations from its use of lock on for enemies to its use of the weapons and gear in the game to solve puzzles.

The soundtrack is a homerun. Each and every song is memorable and anyone who plays the game will be humming these songs from there on out.

It is just really hard to put in to words why Ocarina of Time is great to me. Anyone at all who is interested in video games needs to play this ASAP. You won’t regret it.


#2 GoldenEye 007

14 05 2008

Anyone noticing a pattern? Yes, another Rare developed game is on my top 5, that makes three in total. Clearly, Rare had one of the best console lineups of all-time on the Nintendo 64. GoldenEye 007 is based off the movie GoldenEye. Most video games based off movies release simultaneously with the release of the movie, GoldenEye 007 released two years after its movie release. Rare benefited from the extra development time to create one of the best games of all-time.

GoldenEye 007 is a first-person shooter that incorporates stealth and a variety of objectives in each single-player mission. Before GoldenEye, there really hadn’t been a great first-person shooter on a console before. Most great first-person shooters existed on the PC such as DOOM and Quake.

The game mimicked scenes seen in the movie almost exactly as they were. Gadgets that appear in the movie are used in a few of the missions such as a laser equipped wrist watch. Also, the soundtrack has a lot of the tunes that are in the movie. All of these together made them game feel very authentic yet charmingly unique at the same time.

What made GoldenEye have staying power was its multiplayer. Along with Mario Party, GoldenEye is the best multiplayer game on the 64. Up to four players could battle it out in death match and other modes in levels that have themes similar to the missions in single-player. All of the weapons available in single-player are usable in multiplayer. Another great feature was its use of cheats. For example there was a cheat to make the human players in the game have extremely huge heads and ape like features called “DK Mode,” referencing the character Donkey Kong. You can select what weapons are in game so you can set it to all throwing knives with DK mode on and it becomes a 1-hit kill frenzy of headshots with knives.

#3 Jet Force Gemini

13 05 2008

Another game created by Rare, creators of the Banjo series, Jet Force Gemini is an adventure game that spans many planets. Primarily a third-person shooter, Jet Force also has a bit of platforming akin to Banjo and Donkey Kong 64.

The game stars Juno and his twin sister Vela along with their pet dog Lupus who is equipped with guns. They are the crew of the last ship left in their Jet Force star fleet after it was destroyed by the main antagonist, Mizar, and his bug army. The group decided to take matters into their own hands and save Earth from Mizar. The group gets help from tribals, similar looking to an ewok in Star Wars.

What makes Jet Force great is the extremely fun game play. Their is a huge arsenal of cool weapons at your disposal to destroy the bug army. At any time, you and your friend can play the single-player story mode in co-op, an innovation not seen very much in a adventure game for its time.

The orchestral soundtrack gives an epic feel to the game that I had not felt in a Nintendo 64 game before.

Jet Force is a fun and cool game that I could never get enough of.

#4 Banjo Series

13 05 2008

The Banjo series on the Nintendo 64 includes the first Banjo game, Banjo Kazooie, and its sequel, Banjo Tooie. Both games are some of the best platformers on the console. Not only being great platformers, the Banjo games were the technical pinnacle of the console.

You play Banjo, a goofy looking bear supported by his bird pal, Kazooie. Their mission, to thwart Gruntilda the witch and rescue Banjo’s sister, Tooty.

The games refined many of the game play mechanics from the groundbreaking Super Mario 64. You explore non-linear 3D worlds while collecting a horde of different tokens to progress through the game. Banjo and Kazooie work together to perform moves which makes for an interesting twist to the platformer genre. On top of that, a key character, Mumbo Jumbo, has the power to turn Banjo ans Kazooie into different creatures that have special abilities.

Graphically the game is technological feat. The textures are beautiful and the coloring of the game is stunning. The character designs are also extraordinary for their unique designs with googly eyes slapped on them.

The sound in the game is stunning. The music adapts every time you move from one world to another without cutting. Also, the charcters don’t speak, but they have a charming sound effect that loops when they talk along with text.

Overall, the Banjo games are a couple of my favorite platformers of all time.

#5 Mario Party Series

13 05 2008

The Nintendo 64 could arguably be the best party game console ever. Being the first console with 4 built-in game ports, it is no wonder why the Nintendo 64 was a great party console. The Mario Party series is a testament to how much fun you could have playing four player with friends and family.

All the Mario Party games are built on a simple game mechanic process anyone can understand. The game is set up just like a board game such as Monopoly and LIFE. A dice is rolled by the game and you press the “A” button to stop it and you move the amount of spaces the dice reads. Once everyone has a turn, depending on how many people are playing, a randomly generated mini game is selected to be played. 

The mini games are also simple games anyone can understand. Mini games range from straight up racing in all types of vehicles to playing rhythm games such as conducting an orchestra. Mini games can be free-for-all or co-op and whoever wins is awarded gold coins. With enough gold coins, you can buy a star from a certain character on the game board. The stars are your ticket to win the game. Whoever has the most stars at the end of the set amount of turns is victorious.

Although none of the Mario Party games on the Nintendo 64 are rated higher than a seven or eight, they are still one the most fun and addicting games on the console. Countless times I have spent up in the wee hours of the night playing four player Mario Party with my mates.

My MCOM 63 Multimedia Project Introduction

8 05 2008

Everyone does a top 5 or top 10 on something, so why not join the crowd? All kidding aside, I have always wanted to do one myself, I know my top 5’s and top 10’s in my head but I never put them to paper or, er, to blog/Internet. My maturation as a gamer was playing the Nintendo 64, so there was no better console to do a retro top 5 best games on.