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My name is Scott and I have been a gamer since I was very little. My Dad, long before I was born, worked for Atari. You could say gaming is in my blood but that would be too cliche. My Dad would purchase games often for the Atari 2600 at the Atari employee store for a discounted price. After amassing a library of Atari games, they were put into a box and in the garage when he stopped playing. When I was about 4 years old, old enough to know what the hell a video game was, my curiosity for video games was lit. Nonetheless I am an avid gamer today and would like to pursue a career as a games journalist.


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24 05 2008

I’d say gaming definitely runs in your family.

You should keep writing game reviews, and reading and linking to other reviewers (on this blog, perhaps?). It could be a way to get yourself noticed, and it’s something you can point to when you interview with game/media companies.

BTW, I’d heard about that video, but hadn’t seen it. What a hoot!

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