#2 GoldenEye 007

14 05 2008

Anyone noticing a pattern? Yes, another Rare developed game is on my top 5, that makes three in total. Clearly, Rare had one of the best console lineups of all-time on the Nintendo 64. GoldenEye 007 is based off the movie GoldenEye. Most video games based off movies release simultaneously with the release of the movie, GoldenEye 007 released two years after its movie release. Rare benefited from the extra development time to create one of the best games of all-time.

GoldenEye 007 is a first-person shooter that incorporates stealth and a variety of objectives in each single-player mission. Before GoldenEye, there really hadn’t been a great first-person shooter on a console before. Most great first-person shooters existed on the PC such as DOOM and Quake.

The game mimicked scenes seen in the movie almost exactly as they were. Gadgets that appear in the movie are used in a few of the missions such as a laser equipped wrist watch. Also, the soundtrack has a lot of the tunes that are in the movie. All of these together made them game feel very authentic yet charmingly unique at the same time.

What made GoldenEye have staying power was its multiplayer. Along with Mario Party, GoldenEye is the best multiplayer game on the 64. Up to four players could battle it out in death match and other modes in levels that have themes similar to the missions in single-player. All of the weapons available in single-player are usable in multiplayer. Another great feature was its use of cheats. For example there was a cheat to make the human players in the game have extremely huge heads and ape like features called “DK Mode,” referencing the character Donkey Kong. You can select what weapons are in game so you can set it to all throwing knives with DK mode on and it becomes a 1-hit kill frenzy of headshots with knives.




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24 05 2008

Yes, I’m seeing a pattern. It’s not rare for you to love Rare games!

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