#3 Jet Force Gemini

13 05 2008

Another game created by Rare, creators of the Banjo series, Jet Force Gemini is an adventure game that spans many planets. Primarily a third-person shooter, Jet Force also has a bit of platforming akin to Banjo and Donkey Kong 64.

The game stars Juno and his twin sister Vela along with their pet dog Lupus who is equipped with guns. They are the crew of the last ship left in their Jet Force star fleet after it was destroyed by the main antagonist, Mizar, and his bug army. The group decided to take matters into their own hands and save Earth from Mizar. The group gets help from tribals, similar looking to an ewok in Star Wars.

What makes Jet Force great is the extremely fun game play. Their is a huge arsenal of cool weapons at your disposal to destroy the bug army. At any time, you and your friend can play the single-player story mode in co-op, an innovation not seen very much in a adventure game for its time.

The orchestral soundtrack gives an epic feel to the game that I had not felt in a Nintendo 64 game before.

Jet Force is a fun and cool game that I could never get enough of.




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