#5 Mario Party Series

13 05 2008

The Nintendo 64 could arguably be the best party game console ever. Being the first console with 4 built-in game ports, it is no wonder why the Nintendo 64 was a great party console. The Mario Party series is a testament to how much fun you could have playing four player with friends and family.

All the Mario Party games are built on a simple game mechanic process anyone can understand. The game is set up just like a board game such as Monopoly and LIFE. A dice is rolled by the game and you press the “A” button to stop it and you move the amount of spaces the dice reads. Once everyone has a turn, depending on how many people are playing, a randomly generated mini game is selected to be played. 

The mini games are also simple games anyone can understand. Mini games range from straight up racing in all types of vehicles to playing rhythm games such as conducting an orchestra. Mini games can be free-for-all or co-op and whoever wins is awarded gold coins. With enough gold coins, you can buy a star from a certain character on the game board. The stars are your ticket to win the game. Whoever has the most stars at the end of the set amount of turns is victorious.

Although none of the Mario Party games on the Nintendo 64 are rated higher than a seven or eight, they are still one the most fun and addicting games on the console. Countless times I have spent up in the wee hours of the night playing four player Mario Party with my mates.




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